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support answered to my tickets... they said I have to wait -.-
exchanger_006, which one?
crash morre
ltc to 6.78, possible bulltrap there (like always), actually seems like it should do a double bottom at 2.22ish sometime after that
you all should just send me those useless litecoins so i can properly dispose of them for of charge too
sinx13, thought so, no significant exchange would drop the nr2
deeltje, he is just trolling
please crash more
j5onrf, which exchanges?
okcoin is ded
I wish I could fly, right up to the sky.....but I can't!!!!!!!
ltc down the drain!
honestly.. if ltc was in a constant downtrend.. you wouldnt need to troll vs it.. you could just sell.. buy lower .. and repeat... the trolling implies .. you are worried about a sharp uptrend closing your short
next bubble
lets enjoy the dump... what i wonder is ppc is going under $1 before the next bubble or not
yeah, obviously
jpw619us, I am not claiming to, but ltc is still in a donwtrend that is all
and some just make mistakes
well, I assume people arent all lying pos... some are just idiots
you dont know shit about 3 months, you would be lucky to know next 3 days
LTC is dead
76tghu76, dieing implies that it wont go nuts in say 3 months
Ltc is dieing no troll about it
ltc is ded
Surn, i assume he knows that... just the typical ltc is dead trolls when it dips
Surn btc
The bear market never stops
j5onrf, dude.. you misread that
high: 609.65 low: 592.97 avg: 601.18
vol 24h: 3,319,325 USD
BTC-E 592.11
high: 604.63 low: 584.00 avg: 593.20
vol 24h: 1,986,891 USD
The chart below is the price change over time. The yellow line is the price [USD / BTC] at which actual trades were made. Green and red areas near the yellow line show you maximum and minimum price. Price is shown on the right axis.

Bars in the background represent volume (that is, how many coins were traded during that time) enumerated in [BTC]. The Value for this is shown on the left axis.
high: 1038.16      low: 91.50

Below is the cumulative depth chart. Moving your mouse over it will give you more information. The value axis for the cumulative depth chart is on the left, enumerated in [BTC].

About these bars going up and down (if there are any at the moment). They show market depth changes over the last 10 minutes. The value axis for them is on the right [BTC]. Bars on the left of the current price are bid offer changes, and on the right ask offer changes. So if somebody is adding a bid offer, you will see a green bar up on the left. About colors: if bids are added they are in green, and when removed they are in red. For asks it's the opposite. That's because when somebody is adding an ask, it makes it harder for the price to go up (red). If somebody is removing an ask it's easier for the price to go up (green). Still confused? Try this
The big number here is the price at which last trade was made.
Warning ALL TIME HIGH Warning
128.57 USD
bid: 173.84 ask: 101.63
And here we have the last trades table.
On the left: amount of bitcoins traded.
On the right: price at which it happened.
Mtgox trading engine lag:
mtgox 0.99 135.00 Trend_up
mtgox 4.84 133.16 Trend_down
mtgox 11.65 133.30 Trend_down
mtgox 14.00 134.28 Trend_up
mtgox 7.91 133.30 Trend_down
mtgox 9.93 134.28 Trend_down
mtgox 0.08 135.90 Trend_up
mtgox 19.14 134.28 Trend_up
mtgox 1.33 133.30 Trend_down
mtgox 0.16 134.28 Trend_down
mtgox 1.00 135.00 Trend_up
mtgox 0.13 134.28 Trend_down
mtgox 0.13 135.11 Trend_up
mtgox 29.17 135.00 Trend_down
mtgox 16.08 136.28 Trend_up
mtgox 0.76 136.00 Trend_down
mtgox 0.27 136.07 Trend_down
mtgox 12.73 136.28 Trend_up
mtgox 2.00 135.80 Trend_down
mtgox 1.24 135.90 Trend_down

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