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he was okay artist, but jewish university professor didnt accepted him, so i think thats when he gone insane
atropa, "Ibiza belongs to the Greeks"?
How dat chikun?
he painted postcards and sold them
all this meth talk and no bitpiranha?
he was a professional artist
Khajiit, Hitler was actually trying to be an artist , imagine if he ended up pursuing that?
"Charlemagne Made Meth From Dasies"?
no one, will listen to you until they force him to :) or will want to because She.He will love you
His niece killed herself because he locked her in the house to keep her 'pure'. Also he had her pee on him. He was messed up, never should've been in power
poor little Hitler
And he had Parkinsons
his "vitamins". All the generals hated the doctor because they knew the drugs were messing him up
broderline, Sweet.
rassalas, early form of it
broderline, on meth? Jeez. That explains a lot.
You have to believe the US version of history...
"Waterproof Cookbook"?
paweladamus, first i must enjjoy life and then many have childs...
broderline, They had Meth back then?
you never go full hitler
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Khajiit, yes... exactly, there are tons of hitlers out there but nobody listens to them, that one nutcase everybody followed, its in our nature to follow the leader, and nature is cruel, maybe its a self destruct mechanism
Khajiit, Hitler lost some of his humanity during ww1. But even before the war he didn't fit in. And towards the end, he was high on meth every day. Injections from private doctor
finalmoney. You should adopt :) to your good
finalmoney, so basically Hitler was not that bad, almost innocent... it's just the dumb people who followed this shiat
i have chidls 10.5 ltc
need 4 hours dont start without me
paweladamus, i choose not to have children because of this cruel world, i dont want more childs, there are enough poor starving childs already
high: 393.79 low: 377.01 avg: 385.05
vol 24h: 4,964,395 USD
BTC-E 374.70
high: 385.00 low: 372.00 avg: 377.14
vol 24h: 1,552,621 USD
The chart below is the price change over time. The yellow line is the price [USD / BTC] at which actual trades were made. Green and red areas near the yellow line show you maximum and minimum price. Price is shown on the right axis.

Bars in the background represent volume (that is, how many coins were traded during that time) enumerated in [BTC]. The Value for this is shown on the left axis.
high: 386.47      low: 381.15

Below is the cumulative depth chart. Moving your mouse over it will give you more information. The value axis for the cumulative depth chart is on the left, enumerated in [BTC].

About these bars going up and down (if there are any at the moment). They show market depth changes over the last 10 minutes. The value axis for them is on the right [BTC]. Bars on the left of the current price are bid offer changes, and on the right ask offer changes. So if somebody is adding a bid offer, you will see a green bar up on the left. About colors: if bids are added they are in green, and when removed they are in red. For asks it's the opposite. That's because when somebody is adding an ask, it makes it harder for the price to go up (red). If somebody is removing an ask it's easier for the price to go up (green). Still confused? Try this
The big number here is the price at which last trade was made.
Warning ALL TIME HIGH Warning
383.67 USD
bid: 383.67 ask: 383.67
And here we have the last trades table.
On the left: amount of bitcoins traded.
On the right: price at which it happened.
bitstamp 3.73 383.67 Trend_down
bitstamp 0.07 383.68 Trend_up
bitstamp 0.08 383.64 Trend_down
bitstamp 0.84 384.98 Trend_up
bitstamp 1.16 384.97 Trend_down
bitstamp 1.00 384.98 Trend_up
bitstamp 0.04 384.96 Trend_up
bitstamp 1.36 384.95 Trend_down
bitstamp 1.30 385.00 Trend_up
bitstamp 1.08 384.97 Trend_up
bitstamp 0.63 384.96 Trend_up
bitstamp 0.48 384.74 Trend_up
bitstamp 0.52 384.60 Trend_up
bitstamp 4.00 384.57 Trend_down
bitstamp 0.08 384.58 Trend_up
bitstamp 1.05 383.44 Trend_down
bitstamp 0.85 383.45 Trend_up
bitstamp 0.03 383.44 Trend_down
bitstamp 2.22 384.68 Trend_up
bitstamp 1.15 384.67 Trend_down

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